Pretxnchangegroup hook

Mercurial: gpg sign tags i recently needed to write a pretxnchangegroup hook that would check if any new tags had been pushed, and if so, if they were gpg signed i had the requirement that the changeset with the tag be signed, not the changeset that added the tag. Un hook di questo tipo potrebbe somigliare al seguente [hooks] pretxnchangegroupbranch = hg heads --template '{branches} ' | grep mioramo. # use this if you want to check access restrictions for pull, push, # bundle and serve pretxnchangegroup = python: error: pretxnchangegroupacl hook failed:. We should install commit hooks into hosted repositories support mercurial pretxnchangegroup hooks d7683 / rp017d6ccd0793: support svn pre-commit hoooks. Search packages: sourcecode: mercurial version. Mercurial hook: php syntax check today we'll take it this concept one step further by writing a hook for the mercurial [hooks] pretxnchangegroupsyntax_check.

Mercurial 配置了acl不能生效不知道是哪里的错误了,求解决。以下是配置文件:[extensions] hgextacl = [hooks] pretxnchangegroupacl = python:hgextaclhook pretxncommitacl = python:hgextaclhook [acl] sources = push,pull [aclgroups] ywtest = test [acldenybranches] = [acldeny] = @ywtest 配置了所有. Hi all, in the hg book, section 88, the following example is given as a repository hook to disallow changes from a certain branch (presumably mybranch) in a repository:. Hghowtos developers' netbeans mercurial how-to contents 1 developers' netbeans mercurial how-to server hooks (abort: pretxnchangegroupsomething hook failed). Managing releases and branchy development table of contents you can set up a pretxnchangegroup hook on each that will block incoming changes that have the.

From version 020 it supports the pretxnchangegroup hook too when using the pretxnchangegroup hook, hghooks' default behavior is to check only the last revision. The change from a changegroup hook to a pretxnchangegroup hook in 575c95b4ab8f had bad consequences so 575c95b4ab8f and the followup fixes (d87f0dc0919e.

Advanced concepts ¶ customizing the configuring the notify hook pretxnchangegroup —before completing addition of remote changesets. Add hooks for trac integration: a pretxnchangegroup hook that checks a metion to a ticket exist in the changeset message an incoming hook that add a comment to the trac ticket with the changeset message. Hookスクリプトの中身 #/bin/bash repository=$ [hooks] pretxnchangegroupmake /var/hg/sphinx/sphinx_hooksh manual1 レポジトリ名を引数に. Installing mtrack pre-requisites a unix hook that can be used to apply hg-commit-hook pretxncommit $mtrack/configini pretxnchangegroupmtrack = php $mtrack.

Pretxnchangegroup hook

Subversion commit-hook configuration mtrack works best when integrated with your scm there is a pre-commit hook that can be used to enforce commit policies (such as proper formatting of commit messages, or proper syntax in changed source files), and a post-commit hook that can be used to apply commit messages as comments to related tickets. 101 an overview of hooks in mercurial 1099 pretxnchangegroup—before completing addition of remote changesets.

  • Tue, 25 may 2010 15:44:43 -0600, /tanner m young/: these links should be what you need the first link is the set of hooks that mozilla uses the second creates the pushlog and the third is the hg templates for the pushlog and other pages.
  • Remote: rollback completed remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup hook failed tortoisehg 22 rollback completed remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup hook failed.
  • I was blogging about my experience during gsoc in http://liscjugsoc the solution by now is using pretxnchangegroup hook in this hook we check if all.

Hooks, and why they can be useful 343 this hook runs just before a revision property is added, modified, or deleted it is passed four arguments:. For those unfamiliar with mercurial, it is an awesome source control management (scm) tool one of my favorite features of mercurial is that the repositories are distributed which allows each machine to have a full copy of the project’s history. Nick coghlan wrote: however, dnlooppatch is correct and must have crlf line endings how can i disable the commit hook. I believe more precisely pretxnchangegroup hook, because no one commits to ns-3-dev directly i'm not sure, whether it must be in the release manager's checklist.

Pretxnchangegroup hook
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